The Group Blanchon

At the same time present on the market of the industry, the professional distribution, the parquet floorers and the supermarkets of DIY, the Blanchon Group is a manufacturer of technical varnishes historically specialized in the decoration of the woods. It now offers a wide range of products for the protection, maintenance, renovation and beautification of buildings and housing. The complementarity of its business sectors enables it to provide its customers with increasingly innovative solutions from the latest trends.

Founded in 1832 and firmly rooted in its family structure, the Blanchon Group builds its perennial evolution and enjoys a unanimous recognition of seriousness and quality thanks to the strong and authentic values it conveys:

Reliability for priority

The Blanchon Group owes its durability to the performance of its products and the reliability of its customer service. Two essential requirements for which the group unites its teams around a spirit of uncompromising quality and high-performance work tools.

Lasting attention

The Blanchon Group has always been committed to designing its products with respect for people and the environment. Involved for more than 30 years in a demanding Environmental Quality approach, it has enshrined its innovation policy in the universal values of sustainable development.

Engine innovation

The taste for innovation is rooted in Groupe Blanchon’s DNA. In search of technical, ecological and practical performance, but also of decorative trends, R & D is constantly listening to the market and anticipates users’ expectations.

At the service of aesthetics

Drawing inspiration from the spirit of the times and the natural environment, the Blanchon Group gives a new lease of life to the decoration of the supports. Always attentive to trends and looking to the future, the Group contributes to enhancing the value of housing and buildings.

The Blanchon Group is:

– 4 brands
– A presence in 61 countries
– 5 subsidiaries
– 6 laboratories
– 5 production plants
– 1 logistics center